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Nail Enhancements

Pink & White

Pink and white is a two tone acrylic form to create permanent French nails; Pink & White have been the most popular in today's trends as nail enhancements. For a clean, quick, natural and mirror shine, we recommend a coat of UV gel.

Full Set  $50.00
Fill-in (pink only) $25.00
Fill-in (pink & white) $35.00

UV Gel

For a clean, natural mirror shine - UV Gel is a thin and extremely shiny coating for those who love natural glossy looking nails.

   Liquid Gel Powder Gel
Full Set $45.00 $35.00
Full Set Pink & White $60.00  
Full Set White Tips   $40.00
Fill-In Pink & White $45.00  
Fill-In Pink Only $30.00 $25.00


Acrylic Nails

Durable nail enhancement recommended for weak or brittle nails.

Full Set  $25.00 and up
Overlay $25.00 and up
Full Set with White Tips $30.00 and up
Fill-in $25.00 and up
Coffin & Pointed Shape add $5.00

Prices don't include tipping. However, should you want to demonstrate your appreciation to your salon technician, cash gratuity is welcome.

For Private Parties and Events

Please inquire. Minimum of 6 people. 50% deposit required.

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